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Emil Sommer Quartet is an Aarhus (Denmark) based jazz quartet formed in 2017.
Some of us have known each other for quite a few years, and have played together almost as long. This gives a great feeling of security when you play.
"I originally though I would be a sideman in a lot of combos, but now I find I have enough material that I'm satisfied with, and the right musicians to create music in my own name..." -Emil 
Jonathan Hvalsøe Schou became interested in playing the alto saxophone early in his life, learning varieties of genres such as jazz, pop and soul. Later on Jonathan attended the Mgk music course where he studied with Lars and Emil. At Mgk the alto saxophone was replaced as the main instrument by tenor and soprano saxophone – and later on clarinet and flute were added as secondary instruments.In 2015 he entered RAMA; During this time Jonathan studied half a year abroad, at the Music Conservatory in Tromsø, Norway; Attended the international jazz contest in Groningen 2016; and has played countless concerts and been a part of many projects during the past couple of years. Including his participation in the Jazz festivals in Aarhus, Tromsø, Groningen and others.In 2018, Jonathan graduated as Bachelor of Music at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus with saxophone as his main instrument, and composition as his final project
Emil Sommer Larsen started playing classical piano in 1999. When the interest for jazz and rock grew he switched to focus on these improvisational genres. Though never abandoning his background.
In 2010 he got in to Mgk (a precursor for the conservatory) on both classical and rhythmical/improvisational profiles and chose the latter, where he first met Jonathan and Lars a year later.
In 2013 he entered the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Denmark (RAMA) where Jonathan, Lars and Christian joined some years later.
In 2018 Emil graduated as Master of Music with piano and composition as main subjects.
Christian Aagaard Trier is a bass player based in Aarhus, originating from Askov a small village in the middle of Jylland. Christian plays the electric base in different pop/rock ensembles, and started playing the double bass in 2012. Christian has also attended Mgk but in another town than the rest of the group, and it was not until he entered RAMA that he met with Lars, Jonathan and eventually Emil.
Christian never stops exploring his instrument, and continuesly strives to hone his technique, be it the bow or complex rhythmical patterns with the rest of the group.
Lars Asger Nørby is a drumset player based in Aarhus, originally from the small town of Rønninge on Fyn, Denmark. Lars started playing classical snare drum at a very young age, but it was not before being introduced to the drumset by his uncle, that his passion for drumming and music truly ignited. In the following years, Lars experimented with different styles of music and attended multiple schools and programs. 
Through these schools, he was later introduced to Jonathan and Emil in Odense. In 2016 Lars was accepted to the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus and was reuinted with multiple musical friendships from the past, including Jonathan and Emil, along with meeting Christian. 
Being ever curious about different sounds and styles, Lars has been part of many different projects ranging from experimental pop, electronic music, musicals, jazz and folk. It is with Emil Sommer Quartet that he expresses his love for the contemporary, nordic jazz.
Jonathan Hvalsøe Schou - Saxophones and Clarinet.
Emil Sommer Larsen - Piano and Compositions.
Christian Aagaard Trier - Double Bass.
Lars Asger Nørby - Drums.
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